Bahamas (Содружество Багамских островов)

Гражданское право

Основные нормативно-правовые акты, входящие в СПС WBL

  • Commercial Entities (Substance Requirements) Act, 2018
  • International Business Companies (Accounting Records) Order, 2016
  • Bahamas Investment Incentives Act, 1991
  • Bankruptcy Act, 1870
  • Business Licence Act
  • Companies Act (Consolidated Version), 1992
  • Co-operative Societies Act, 2005
  • Exempted Limited Partnership Act, 1995
  • Guidance Notice BTCRA — Use Of The Words “Bank”, “Trust”, “Trust Company”, “Trust Corporation”, “Savings”, Or “Savings And Loan” Or Any Other Derivatives In English Or Any Other Language (Prohibited Words) In The Name Of A Company
  • International Business Companies Act, 2000
  • Partnership Act
  • Partnership Limited Liability Act
  • Segregated Accounts Companies Act, 2004